Day 32-33. Corporate documents & temperamental computer

Posted: 02/11/2010 | Posted by Ross Idzhar |

Metro scythe

Tom's future print.

House party. Superfluous equipment as an iPhone seemed to be doing all the work.

My 'burns.
Got me a Family Guy (limited edition, or so I was told) poster at an arts fair in Spinningfields. Only 1000 in the world - apparently.
Bit of inactivity recently, my computer decided it didn't want to boot, so very much operating on it's terms at the moment. Managed to upload some photos without too much protest.

Not a lot to report. Been working on a corporate document for Melbourne Council this week. Didn't like it much, but will post an image asap. Enjoyed a few Halloween beverages, though have could have made a little more effort on the costume front.


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