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La Fin.

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As promised, some final portfolio examples. From the top, Vanilla Magazine (Art Culture Magazine brief), Odyssey (BFI Film Festival Brochure brief) & the Sydney Dance Company Email Newsletter.

I was trying to think how best to summarise Shillington College, but I reckon the three images above encapsulate it all for me. The focus, intensity, knowledge and delivery of lessons were immensly beneficial, not to mention enjoyable. And I don't think I can thank Orla, Sarah and John enough for imparting their words of wisdom in a consistently patient, friendly and constructive manner.

There's nothing about the course I would change and if I were to do it all again, perhaps I might try and be a little more adventurous with my ideas. Nevertheless, I think I got as much out of it as I could and hope it'll serve me well on the looming job hunt.

Hope the blog has been interesting and useful for any perspective Shillington students.

Merry Christmas!

Day 60. Au revoir Shillington & Manchester. Hello snow.

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Portfolios printed after what must have been a record number of reprints.
Certificate ceremony. John, Sarah & Orla (Right to Left) - LEGENDS.
Show prepping at the Soup Kitchen, Manchester.

So after what felt like a whirlwind, I'm finally finished (nicely topped off with a flight cancellation and 8 hour boat ride to Belfast.)

On Thursday we finished off our portfolios and headed down to a presentation at the Soup Kitchen. A free bar aided in loosening everyone up, with friends and family checking out Manchester's finest graphics design work.

I'm just home and don't have the energy to write anymore. I'll add one final post to summerize my time at Shillington along with final portfolio examples.

Day 57+ Almost there.

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Day 55+ Final Week.

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Into our final week in college. Still can't believe just how fast it's gone by. We're preparing work for our portfolio presentations next week, which consists of revisiting old briefs with fresh eyes and retouching or re-doing them as necessary. My next post will more or less be my last where I'll post my final portfolio pieces.

Day 54. Self-brand simplified

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Day 53. Self-brand WIP & misc

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Front of my business card.
It's cold.
My new pencil holder.
Self-brand brainstorming. Pencil holder in distance.

Day 51-52. Vanilla Magazine

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Day 49-50. Pfizer Annual Report (WIP)

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Not enjoying this brief.

Day 48. Ocular.

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Day 47. Ocular - Creative Vision (Fashion Festival, WIP)

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Our final marked brief and one I was panicking about for most the day. With the brief stating 'edgy', different and more or less out of the box design, we were allowed to go a little crazier than usual. So with that in mind I wanted to try and explore 3D imagery or stereoscopy. Looks better with 3D glasses, but I think the image can still hold it's own without. Font custom made in Illustrator.

Day 46. Governor Dodge - Finest Chocolates in the West (process)

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Mocked up from thumbnails. Typesetting, layout and logo laid out.
Colour added. Logo finalised.
Colour and type refined.
Design added to dieline in Illustrator.
Texture added.
Arrangement of logo etc. finalised.
Strips of colour added. Green for 'pistachio'.
Final three flavours mocked up from A4 paper.

Day 45. Governor Dodge - Finest Chocolate in the West (WIP)

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I realise I've spelt Governor wrong. Packaging brief we're working on in class for Selfridges. Thought process something along the lines of:

  • Selfridges
  • Henry Selfridges
  • Born?
  • Ripon 
  • Wisconsin
  • When?
  • During American Civil War - borrow style cues
  • Government at the time?
  • Henry Dodge, first Governor of Wisconsin
  • Governor Dodge Chocolates

Day 44. Castlefield Gallery, 'European' Market & Misc

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Popped into the Castlefield Gallery, 2 minutes away from my house. David Gledhill & Corin Sworn's work was on show. Wasn't really up my alley.
Mini pancakes + nutella = e-mense.

Working on my chocolate brief at the minute. Thumbnailing to my hearts content.

Day 43. Native - Original Developments - stationary set

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A4 back & front.
Business card.
Compliments slip.
Client presentation boards.
95% finalised solution for the property branding company. After a lot of colour tweaking, I finally settled on a combination I felt was reflective of the brand values ( contemporary, precision, professional ).

We worked a bit more on this brief today adding a brochure to the porfolio.

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