Day 27. Small business branding - "Attune"

Posted: 23/10/2010 | Posted by Ross Idzhar |

Brainstorming keywords.
Narrowing down possible names.
Research: competitors
Research: demographic
Research: typography / colours
Possible colour palettes
Concept experimentation in inDesign
Narrowed down idea
Combining colour
Final logo
We were asked to brand a small business and were given the choice of a lingerie company, personal trainer, optometrist or bar. I chose the personal trainer.

The brief mentioned a 'personal service' that the owner wanted to promote, as well as his custom made approach so these were the keywords I focused on. It was then just a case of working them into the logotype somehow. Hopefully the concept is fairly obvious!

In other news, traffic is up and the good folks at CSN Stores got in touch asking if I'd review one of their products. Not quite sure how they managed to come across my blog, but am happy to take up the offer. Homeware review coming soon.


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