Day 24. Fashion photography dabble

Posted: 17/10/2010 | Posted by Ross Idzhar |

A friend of mine, Christina, wanted some shots done for her fashion blog, so with my limited experience in the field, offered up my services. I assumed the general idea/approach was transferable, particularly from a lifestyle photography background. So with this in mind, I set about trying to nail a few shots. These were taken on a 50mm with 1.6 crop factor, so I had to step annoyingly far away to get them in frame. Not really ideal whenever you're trying to show off the clothes.

I found it was very hard not to be cliche (i.e. disheveled wall shot), but we thought at least try a few and see what happens. Found a nice willow a few minutes walk from my flat, which proved entertaining. Though I'm not sure if she was particularly happy with the shot. The processing on the second (done in LR + PS) reminded me of a set I saw for Next (I think), which was accidental, but I wanted to give it a vintage slant. Bit of a mish-mash of processing, still trying to work out a suitable style.

I processed these pretty quickly as I'm exhausted after last nights antics. Will give it more time during the week / maybe a bit later if I can muster it. May use the imagery in class for any upcoming fashion related spreads.


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