Day 22. Midnight pondering

Posted: 12/10/2010 | Posted by Ross Idzhar |

A quick lockup a through together, given my bedridden state. I remember hearing it in a Paul Rand video we were shown a couple of weeks back. For some reason "Don't Try" seemed to stick in my head more than anything else. I would have imagined being "good" was a given and originality is what was striven for. But apparently the opposite seems to be championed.

It's probably a massive cliche writing about this; from a design point of view. I can imagine every junior designer hearing it contemplating it in some shape or form. But coming from a relatively new creative background, I envisaged the industry to be fuelled by originality and for it to be driven by new and evolving ideas. I can't help but think this somewhat stifles the idea, at least for newcomers anyway. But perhaps that's just me.

I might be able to articulate myself better when I'm less tired and sick...


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