Day 18. London transport Musuem brochure (can't believe it's Friday tomorrow)

Posted: 07/10/2010 | Posted by Ross Idzhar |

Initially I wanted to incorporate a deco theme, with the window of the museum as a focal point. So I got down to business in InD an knocked something up. I don't really know where this was going, I think I had an idea of sticking the 'grill' of the front of a train, just below the window to even it out. But thought it was going a little OTT.

Simplified the idea and made the colours pop a bit more.

Overall, pleased with the cover at least. The inside could have taken at least another half a day to refine and generally make look more interesting. In my attempt to not look cliche, I think my design ended up mirroring the London Underground logo. It was actually meant to be a mix of the 'window' overlayed on an abstract illustration of an old train front. Alas, I think it looks pretty.


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